2017 – The Year of Change

What’s up yall? Sorry I haven’t been keeping my pen game as strong as I had wanted to. There’s this little thing called life that always has a way of throwing curve balls your way. Anyway, I hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a great start. I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know how everything has been going on my end.

Well…..for one, it happened. I found the girl of my dreams. She’s perfect for me. She’s smart, intelligent, independent and beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a stronger woman. She’s super supportive of my entrepreneurial ventures and I couldn’t have been more blessed. We actually started dating in July and now we’ve actually decided to move in together. This is the girl I’ve waited 36 years for. I’ve never loved so hard. I went ahead and moved into her place which is a townhouse. Here’s a pic of it:

 It’s a super nice townhouse. It’s plenty of room for both of us. She got it during the real estate bust for a great price. The unfortunate thing is the previous owner I think foreclosed on it and trashed the place. Like bad! But the good thing is her parent’s own JCD Construction. Her dad is great. He had his guys and contractors get it looking like new. I couldn’t believe the pictures of before and after. I’ll try to dig some up from her so you guys can see what I’m talking about. It’s crazy what contractors and a good remodeling/construction company can do. But yeah..she came up crazy on this townhouse.

Anyway……I know you guys are probably curious as to what albums I thought were the best of 2016. We’ll, I got news for ya, none of them were as good as what we got as hip hop gifts in 1996. I know i’m aging myself for some of the youngsters but ill be damned…………the golden era was the illest.

Ill be back soon with some pen posts offering my thoughts, feelings and memories of more 90’s boom-bap rap!